Key Information

Developer: Hypertonic Games

Release Date: Early 2021

Platform: Android, iOS, Steam


Price: Mobile: Free | PC: TBC

Game Engine: Unity

Modeling Software: Blender 3D


Idle Farmyard is a relaxing idle game where the player expands their farm with more animals and better buildings.

The farm produces different items to sell, each of which follows a 3 stage cycle: it’s produced, processed and then distributed. There’re farm hands to transport the items between these stages. Each area has its own collection of unique upgrades, which can be purchased using profits from the items.

As each item travels through it’s stages the player must identify bottlenecks and spend their earnings wisely to achieve the best efficiency.

Challenges and their rewards are an extra layer on top of the core gameplay. Upon reaching set milestones on various upgrades (e.g chicken laying speed, truck capacity etc.), the player achieves a challenge, and receives a bonus of ‘Resources’. Similar to the player’s money, resources can be spent on improving aspects of the farm, or to customise an animal's color.

Currently, there are three animal types in the Idle Farmyard: Chicken, Cow, and Sheep. Once the player earns enough from one animal, they can afford to purchase the next animal, until they have enough money to progress to the next season.

Seasons are our take on the prestige system usually found in idle games - once the player has enough money, they can access the ability to make a ‘new game plus’. This new game is far from a complete reset - the entire environment receives a makeover to match the new time of year, and they earn money much faster upon upgrading season.

The player starts at summer time and can see the farm all the way through to the upcoming spring.

Releasing in April 2021, we’re incredibly excited to see what everyone makes of our (almost two year long!) project.


The project started in the summer of 2019 as a fun way for Henry to teach his younger brother Edward how to develop games. After some time the project grew and became something that they both enjoyed and believed in. After so much work had gone into the game they decided they would aim to fully release the game. Due to having full time jobs and only being able to work on the game in their spare time, development of Idle Farmyard took longer than expected.



Henry Jones

Lead Programmer




Edward Jones

Lead Artist



Videos coming soon...


chicke pen render cow pen render sheep pen render warehouse render Chicken render Chicken side render Cow render Cow side render Sheep render Sheep side render Rabbit render Duck render Farner front render Farner front2 render Farner side render Egg Truck render Milk Truck render Wool Truck render

Additional Information

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